Proposals for Consultation shown as part of the group exhibition Induction Loop on a in use Transport for London double decker bus at PAMELA, London Sept - Oct 2015.

'Induction Loop is an exhibition that takes place on a real, in service London Double Decker Bus and will be open to the public for two nights only.

The bus experience is a familiar part of people’s daily flow of movement. It is a space with its very own social context that shapes the way we move and perceive the experience. By transforming the bus into an exhibiting space a shift occurs within the public’s perception of the interior. Instead of looking at the interior as a whole, details start to reveal themselves, transforming our understanding of what perception means when experiencing the aesthetic of ‘real’ life. The artists in this exhibition have been invited to create works that comment on their direct sensory relationship to the material and structural design of the interior. As part of this invite the artists can unscrew and alter sections of the bus.'

For more information, please see the exhibition website. virtual tour stills_v2.jpg virtual tour stills 2_v2.jpg virtual tour stills 5.jpg